"Yukon Bands like Manfred Janssen’s Burma Road were first rate"


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Manfred Janssen’s performances have been described as “pure fun”‚ “polished and exquisite”‚ “and first rate”.
When he performs‚ Manfred always delivers a solid collection of delightful tunes that range from folk to blues; from country to rock ‘n’ roll and his performances always seems to catch the imaginations of northern audiences. His show is intense and brilliant whether playing solo or accompanied by a ten-piece band.
Manfred Janssen has performed at various venues across Canada. This includes the Arctic Winter Games‚ Festival by the Sea‚ Expo 86‚ Calgary Olympics‚ Canada Games Closing Ceremony and the 2010 Olympic Torch Relay in Whitehorse. Manfred also performed on March 12, at the opening ceremonies of the 2010 Vancouver Paralympics.
Manfred Janssen has performed for such dignitaries as his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales and the Governor General of Canada‚ Michelle Jean. He has also performed with Lorne Elliott and Definitely Not the Opera of the CBC.
Manfred has done his share of road trips touring across Canada. He has been the opening act for such well known artists like Jesse Winchester‚ Brent Titcomb‚ Ferron‚ James Keelaghan‚ and Jane Sibbery.